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The Noble One
An Intimate Glimpse Into The Life Of One Young Man, 
Christopher Noble Ingrassia, Who Lost His Life On September 11, 2001 
At The World Trade Center

A Luxurious Collector's Edition, Beautifully Printed And Bound, With Many Features Not Found In Most Books...

• Oversized (10 1/4" x 10 1/4") to enhance the reading and viewing experience

• Gold type and accents are stamped on the cover and spine 

• Superbly printed on archival quality, acid-neutral paper that will not yellow with time 

• Sturdy hand-sewn binding (Smyth-sewn), inspected at every stage, ensuring strength and durability throughout the years

Hardcover with dust jacket
398 full color pages

Hundreds of photographs capturing the life of Christopher Ingrassia 
and the events of September 11, 2001
Actual size: 10 1/4" x 10 1/4"

LOC Control Number: 20088904487

The Noble One

  • An intimate glimpse into the life of one young man, Christopher Noble Ingrassia, who lost his life on September 11, 2001 at The World Trade Center

       Originally published for the family and friends of Christopher N. Ingrassia, this beautiful, 398-page, full color coffee table book is now being made available for the first time to the general public at the request of the Ingrassia Family.

       Christopher Noble Ingrassia grew up in Watchung, New Jersey and was only 28 years old when he died that fateful day. Excelling in high school football and wrestling, a Princeton graduate, trader at Cantor Fitzgerald, traveler, and someone who lived life to its fullest, Chris had a caring personality and was always willing to lend a hand. Soft spoken with a terrific sense of humor, Chris loved to smile. With all his accomplishments, he had a carefree, laid-back manner combined with a hard working determination.

       From the historically infamous day of September 11, 2001, when many people learned that Chris was one of the victims of this atrocity and desecration, along with nearly 3,000 people, the Ingrassia Family received hundreds of letters, notes, and cards that conveyed their condolences and deep sorrow for the loss of their son and brother. Among these condolences were some of the most endearing expressions of love, concern, and sadness, not only for their family, but also for those most incredibly tragic times. The emotional and consoling words that the family received were, in most cases, very beautiful, very loving, very sensitive, and always moving. They were comforting, not only because of what they said, but because each note emanated the pain that was felt for the Ingrassia Family.

       The written material that they received filled three shopping bags. They gradually felt that it would be a waste of humanity and a travesty to Chris’s spirit if this outpouring of emotions and love by so many wonderful people—not only for Chris, but also for our country—were left unread and ultimately destroyed.

       Chris’s father, Anthony, compiled this book not only to preserve these tributes to his son’s life, but to allow all the contributors and their families for generations to come to understand who Chris was, to show the inconceivable loss to their family and country, and to glimpse the emotional state of America during these times.

       Beyond the letters and tributes, Anthony Ingrassia wrote the text and compiled hundreds of photographs that not only document Chris’s life but also the historic events of that day as well as its aftermath, including the controversy surrounding the recovery of the remains of the victims.

       This very personal tragedy taking place in this historical event gives the reader an emotional impact and understanding that is transcendent. "The Noble One" is about love and loss and mourning and surviving a tragedy so great that it would seem insurmountable.

       After reading this deeply emotional book, you will feel as though you knew Christopher Ingrassia and his family. By sharing Chris's life so intimately, "The Noble One" magnifies the events of 9-11 and changes and deepens the meanings we have assigned this historical event from our contact with the mass media. The reader is left with a different perception of the historical event—as well as their own life—and gains a greater understanding and insight into the tragic loss and events of that fateful day.

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